Aries Interoperability Information

This web site shows the current status of Aries Interoperability between Aries frameworks and agents. While not yet included in these results, we have a working prototype for testing Aries mobile wallets using the same tests.

The latest interoperability test results are below. Each row is a test agent, its columns the results of tests executed in combination with other test agents. The last column ("All Tests") shows the results of all tests run for the given test agent in any role. The link on each test agent name provides more details about results for all test combinations for that test agent. On that page are links to a full history of the test runs and full details on every executed test.

The following test agents are currently supported:

Want to add your Aries component to this page? You need to add a runset to the Aries Agent Test Harness.

Latest Interoperability Results

Test Agent Scope Exceptions ACA-Py AFJ VCX All Tests
ACA-Py AIP 1, 2 None 89 / 96
48 / 67
19 / 28
156 / 191
AFJ AIP 1 Revocation 48 / 67
12 / 28
3 / 18
63 / 113
VCX AIP 1 Revocation 19 / 28
3 / 18
27 / 32
49 / 78
  • Where the row and column are the same Test Agent, the results include only the tests where the Test Agent plays ALL of the roles (ACME, Bob, Faber and Mallory)
  • The results in the "All Tests" column include tests involving the "Test Agent" in ANY of the roles.
  • Wondering what the results mean? Please read the brief introduction to Aries interoperability for some background.
  • Select the "Test Agent" links to drill down into the tests being run for each Test Agent.

Results last updated: Mon Jul 15 04:13:52 UTC 2024